Here at Steamchug, We get a lot of questions about our service, Here you will find the answers to nearly anything. If you still got questions, Then please message us on Discord or the Facebook page!

Q. Can I select what game I get?
A. No, The free games and keys we have are loaded into the database at random, We have no record of what games are what

Q. Can I get more than 1 free steam game?
A. Yes! You can get as many games as you would like, As long as you have the points!

Q. I don't see any offers or apps to install, What is happening?
A. Our partners require people in certain countries to do the offers, The best way around this is to use a VPN service. We suggest using this guide here!

Q. Will there be any free latest release games on the website?
A. In the future we will be doing giveaways and options for "premium games" only, Right now its best to follow us on Discord or Facebook for the giveaways!

Q. I have got the points to get my free steam key, But it said their were 0 keys available, What gives?
A. Right now there is only 100 to 1000 keys every 24 hours loaded into the database, Once it has ran out for the day that's it. If you made an account your points will stay with your account. So simply visit again the next day!

Q. My steam key didn't work, Can I trade this for a new key?
A. Unfortunately because there is no real way to tell if you have used the key or not, We cant offer refunds. Sorry!

Q. How does this work? How are you able to giveaway so many steam games for free?
A. Basically we are able to buy games in bulk (1000+ at a time), So we are able to get them cheap, Our advertisers pay us for every app install or offer you do so that is how we get paid to get this service running

Q. How can I join the team?
A. Message us on Discord. We are always looking for team members!!